Metallic Mine Backfill Regulations

Performance Standards for Backfilling Excavations and ​Recont​​ouring Lands Disturbed by Open Pit Surface Mining Operations for Metallic Minerals (Public Resources Code §2773.3 and California Code of Regulations §​ 3704.1)​​.

The State Mining and Geology Board (SMGB​) is considering possible technical changes to accommodate diverse environmental conditions/settings for California Code of Regulations, Title 14, section 3704.1 (hereinafter Metallic Mine Backfill Regulations). Significant changes have been made to the California Environmental Quality Act (PRC section 21000 et seq., “CEQA”) pertaining to Green House Gasses, Climate Change, consultation with Tribal communities, etc. Fifteen years have passed since the adoption of the Metallic Mine Backfill Regulations, and the SMGB is now seeking public comments and suggestions to help guide informal​ pre-rulemaking considerations.

The SMGB anticipates multiple informal roundtable discussions and public comment periods. Following all roundtable discussions and public comment periods, should the SMGB choose to move forward with the formal rulemaking process and consider/implement comments and suggestions received in regards to the Metallic Mine Backfill Regulations, the regulatory language will be available for an additional formal 45-day public comment period. The SMGB will send notice to stakeholders when the comment period is to begin.  See additional details below.

Workshop dates, times, and locations:

June 13th, 2018 – 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

          Renaissance Tower

          John Muir Conference Room

          801 K Street, Suite 2016

         Sacramento, California 95814

Written comments and suggestions associated with the Sacramento informal pre-rulemaking workshop will be accepted by the SMGB until August 13, 2018*​. Comments may be provided by mail or email to:

State Mining and Geology Board 

801 K Street, MS 20-15 

Sacramento, CA 95814 

ATTN: Metallic Mine Backfill Regulations


​See documents associated with the Sacramento workshop below:

Notice of Informal Pre-rulemaking Workshop​ *(update)

Metallic Mine Backfill Regulations Questionnaire​​ #2​
CCR §3704.1 Explained​

​Previous  Workshops: