Department of Conservation - Maps

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, then our maps speak volumes

We have a large array of map products covering California's geology, agricultural lands, urban and rural land use, and watersheds. Many of our maps can be viewed on this website, and we have information on how to order digital and paper versions. 

For direct access to all DOC's geospatial data and web maps, head over to DOC Maps

Here's a short list of what's available, with links to more maps and information. 

Geology & Geologic Hazards

  • Seismic Hazard Zones -- Most damage in an earthquake is caused by the ground shaking, but there are other dangers as well. Much of Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area have been mapped for the secondary earthquake hazards of liquefaction and landslides. Read about the mapping project and view the maps.

  • Seismic Shaking -- See what parts of California are more likely to be affected by severe seismic shaking in the future.

  • Earthquake Fault Zones -- Read about earthquake faults that rupture the ground surface, and how that affects development projects. Maps can be ordered on CD-ROM or in paper versions.

  • Watersheds -- 60 maps of sensitive watershed areas have been produced as a cooperative effort of the Department of Conservation and Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Read about the project and view the maps.

Learn more about our geologic maps here.

Agriculture and Land Use

  • Agricultural Land Conversion Time Series -- dynamic map series show land-use changes over time in various California counties.

  • Important Farmland in California, 2006.

  • Important Farmland maps by county, 2006 and 2008.
  • Digital spatial data (GIS).
  • Watershed and hydrologic maps.

    Learn more about our agriculture and land use maps here.

Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources

We provide a variety of products about oil, gas, and geothermal fields, wells, production facilities, and other related data. See what’s available and how to order.