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The Department of Conservation Web site is chock full o' fun facts and interesting information that students and teachers can use for school projects and, well, just plain learning.  It's a great place to find out about earthquakes, oil and natural gas production,  California agricultural lands, and mining. For instance, did you know that California has the top-producing mining industry in the nation? That's right, $3.27 billion worth in 2001. But it's not "Gold Rush" type of mining, because today only 4 percent of production in California comes from precious metals like gold and silver. These days, it's construction materials such as sand and gravel (we mined $953 million worth in 2001) that lead the way.

Here's a few more tidbits to get you started (come back another time to find some new ones!). Then, follow the links below to other areas of this Web site for more articles, trivia and news you can use. 


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