​3 Steps To A Job With Conservation

Step 1. Sign in to your CalCareer account

Your Cal Career account lets you manage all your job applications and view your exam results in one place.

  1. If you already have an account, enter your User I.D. and Password in the Sign In box on the front page. Login Page
  2. If you forgot your User I.D. or Password, simply click on the Forgot User I.D./Password link in the Sign In box on the front page.
  3. If you do not have a CalCareer account you may create one by clicking on the Create a New Account link in the Sign In box on the front page.

You only need one CalCareer account to apply for all jobs with Department of Conservation.

With you CalCareer account, you can:

  • Update your contact information.
  • Receive alerts for job postings.
  • Change your employment preferences, such as where you want to work (which counties), and what kind of work schedule you will accept (Full Time or Part Time).
  • Receive and respond to employment inquiries from prospective employers.
  • Create, store and submit job applications.
  • Track the status of job applications.
  • And more...

Step 2. Take and pass an examination

California has a merit-based civil service selection system. This ensures the state hires and promotes people based on job-related qualifications. Before you can work for the state, you need to take and pass an examination for the job type (classification).

Search for an Examination

All open examinations with the Department of Conservation are listed on this page: Open Job Examinations.

Current DOC Job Openings can be found on the CalHR website.

Read the Examination Bulletin

The Examination Bulletin displays the salary range, minimum qualifications (MQs), and description of the job type. The description tells you in general what people in that classification do.

The Examination Bulletin also tells you what kind of examination it is. Examinations can be in-person or online. If it is an in-person Examination, there will be information about how to schedule yourself to take the Examination on the Bulletin.

The Examination Bulletin will give you information about how to prepare for the Examination, including a link to the Classification Specification. Read the Classification Specification carefully for it is the legal job description providing an overview of the classification, typical tasks, and the minimum qualifications for the selected Classification

To view the official Examination Bulletin, click on the link in the “CLICK HERE" FOR A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL EXAM BULLETIN AND TO TAKE THE EXAM” heading

Meet the Minimum Qualifications

You can only take an examination if you meet the minimum qualifications. For example, for some jobs you might need to have a college degree or four years of experience. This is spelled out in the examination bulletin.

If you don't meet the minimum qualifications, you cannot take the Examination for that particular Classification.

In-person examinations

Many examinations require you to show up in person at a testing center. For these, you need to schedule the examination in advance because seats are limited.

These examinations usually fill up fast, so plan ahead and schedule as soon as you can when an examination opens.

Online examinations

Some Examinations can be taken online. These Examinations are always available. You do not need to schedule them.

After you take an online Examination, you will receive your results online within 3 business days.

Passing an examination

Passing an Examination means you are eligible to be hired for that job type. Remember, you must pass an Examination for each job type classification you want to apply for.

You will start to receive employment inquiry letters from state agencies looking to hire someone in that classification. This does not mean that you cannot apply for a job unless you receive a letter. If you meet the minimum qualifications for any job opening and you have passed an exam you can apply for that job.

Step 3. Search and apply for jobs

Once you've passed the examination, you will receive employment inquiry letters from departments. You can also search for jobs that you have not received letters for as long as your eligibility is active for that particular job type.

Search for a Job

There are three ways to search for a job.

  1. Search via the Examination and Job Vacancy search on the front page of the jobs.ca.gov site.
    • You can search by job title only if you know the exact title or by keyword, by unchecking the Job Title Search Only checkbox below the Job Title/Keyword search field.
    • This result set will return both the Examinations and Job vacancies.
  2. Search via Job Vacancy Search page located under the Job Seekers tab at the top of the page. Hover over the Job Seekers tab and click on the Search for Jobs link.
    • You can search by many different fields here.
    • Click on the Geographical Search tab to search by county or map.
    • The result set will only return Job vacancies and not Examinations.

Create a Job Application for each job or job type

Once you are logged into your CalCareer account, click on the My Account tab at the top of the page. You can use a single job application to apply for many different jobs or you can also create and save three different job applications for each job or job type you apply for. This allows you to tailor your job applications to specific positions, increasing your competitiveness.

Submit and track the status of your Job Applications

You can submit your applications online by searching for and viewing a Job Posting and clicking on the Apply for This Job button on the right side of the page. Once you have submitted or have begun to submit a Job Application you can view it on your My Account page under the Jobs tab. You will receive notice if you are called for an interview.

Note: You do not have to have receive an employment inquiry letter to apply for a Job Posting. If you meet the minimum qualifications for any job opening, have passed an exam and your eligibility is ‘Active’”, you can apply for that job.

If you need assistance with this process please contact the Department of Conservation Human Resources Office at (916) 322-7685