​​​​​​​Open Job Examinations

Numerous jobs are coming soon! 

California is part of a merit-based civil service system. To ensure individuals are selected based on their job-related qualifications, all candidates must establish eligibility by passing a classification specific job related examination before applying to open vacancies. Below is a list of current examinations and vacancies at DOC.

​For additional information or questions regarding the selection process please contact our Human Resources office at (916) 322-7685.

​Exams of InterestFinal  Filing Date
​Associate Oil and Gas Engineer​​Continuous
​Engineering GeologistContinuous
Supervising Engineering GeologistContin​uo​us
​Research Manager I (General)
​Research Manager II (General), Research Manager III (General)Continuous
​​Seismological Instrument Technician I​​Continuous
​​Seismological Instrument Technician II​​Continuous
​Senior Oil and Gas Engineer (Specialist)​​Continuous
​​Senior Oil and Gas Engineer (Supervisor)​​Continuous
​Supervising Oil and Gas Engineer​​Continuous

Current Job Vacancies

For current job opportunities, please go the the CalHR ​website.​​​