Jason Marshall

Headshot of Jason Marshall, Chief Deputy Director of California Department of Conservation

Jason Marshall has served as the Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Conservation since his appointment in December 2011.  After graduating from Claremont McKenna College with a dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Government and History in 1991, Marshall began his civil service career as an intern, gravitating toward natural resource conservation. He has served the State of California for over 27 years in a variety of capacities.

As the Legislative Director for the Department of Conservation, Marshall played a significant role in efforts to increase the amount paid to consumers for beverage container recycling, to establish California’s first incentive program for plugging deserted oil and gas wells, to improve enforcement tools for the California Land Conservation (Williamson) Act and for the Beverage Container Recycling Program, and to strengthen California’s reclamation law for both active and abandoned mines. As the head of the Recycling Program, Marshall oversaw management of the $1 billion Beverage Container Recycling Fund, with its complex system of payments from businesses selling beverages and to consumers who recycle. In addition, Marshall directed revision of the program’s enforcement strategy to combat fraud.

More recently, Marshall returned from the Recycling Program to serve as the Chief Deputy Director of the Department of Conservation to undertake sweeping reforms in the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (now called the Geologic Energy Management Division--CalGEM​). He has been instrumental in the development of California’s hydraulic fracturing regulations, some of the strictest in the nation and a model for rules the U.S. Bureau of Land Management attempted to adopt.  He is a principal co-author of the 2015 DOGGR (now CalGEM) “Renewal Plan,” which established major reforms to create a regulatory program for oil and gas production under the guiding principles of environmental protection and public safety.  

During the 2015-16 Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility emergency, Marshall led a team of scientists, engineers, and other professionals involved in response planning and operations, interagency cooperation, public communications, and the eventual plugging of the leaking well.  

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