Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Open-File Reports

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Publication Number Title / Description
Further data are in Onshore Oil and Gas Seeps in California, Publication TR26. U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps.
Locations of district onshore oil and gas seeps.
Open-file Report No. 1
(1.7 MB)
Resin Use in the Petroleum Industry of California.
Open-file Report No. 2
(1.4 MB)
Benzene in Water Produced from Oil Fields Containing Fresh Water.
Open-file Report No. 3
(1 MB)
Statistics and Trends Derived from Produced Oil and Water.
Spill Reports Provided to the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources, District 4, from 1979 through 1995.
Open-file Report No. 4
(752 KB)

California Oil and Gas Fields Annual Production and Well Data
1977-1998, for District 6 Fields.

Open-file Report No. 5
(4.4 MB)
Tar Creek Study, Sargent Oil Field, Santa Clara County, California.
Includes a geological and well reconnaissance of Tar Creek plus a report on early oil development and oil-sample geochemistry. For more information on oil seeps, visit the U.S.G.S. website (USGS).
Open-file Report No. 6
(1.1 MB)
An Inventory of Orphan Facilities Within Oil Fields in the State of California:
Potential Costs and Recommendations.
Open-file Report No. 7
(260 KB)
Summary of Assembly Bill 1960 and Proposed Regulations for Spill Contingency Planning and Minimum Maintenance Standards for Oil Facilities Within California.
USGS Open-file Report 2013-1084
(15.4 MB)
USGS Published Report on Stratigraphic Data from Oil and Gas Wells in Cuyama Valley and Surrounding Areas