Oil, Gas & Geothermal - Monthly Production and Injection Reports

Download back issues of the Monthly Production and Injection Report (PR04)

The Monthly Production and Injection Report contains monthly production and injection information organized by oil and gas fields and operators. The report is about 110 pages long with four sections: production by field; production by operator; injection by field; and injection by operator. Back issues are available from 1995 to the present.

Help with Downloading

From June 1997 on, the files are in PDF format with the file names indicating the report month and year. EXAMPLE: 06-1997 is the report for June 1997. To download issues from June 1997 on, first click below on the year you are interested in, then on the folder for the correct month.

The files for 1995 through May 1997 are text files, with one file for each of the four sections just mentioned and another file with summarizing comments. For issues from 1995 through May 1997, click below first on the year, then on the folder for the month you are interested in, then on the text file you want to download. The text file abbreviations follow:

(month)____Summary and Comments
INFL ____ Injection by field
INOP ____Injection by operator
PRFL____Production by field
PROP____Production by operator

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.  Click here to obtain this software.