Oil, Gas, and Geothermal DVDs and CDs


Title / Description
DVD-1 BOPE Inspection Procedures
Procedures used by division engineers to test most California wells are demonstrated with appropriate equipment and animated diagrams. Based upon division publication M07, Blowout Prevention in California. 40 minutes. 


DVD-2 Oil and Gas Wells--Start to Finish
How oil and gas wells are drilled, produced, and abandoned. Surface and subsurface environmental concerns are described, including the protection of fresh waters and drilling in urban areas. 5 minutes.
Early Oil and Gas Production in California
An account of the early days in oil and gas fields in Ventura County. 22 minutes.
Injected Water, Protected Water
Class II injection wells are discussed- what they are, why we need them, how they are operated, and how they are regulated. 8 minutes.
Keep It Safe, Keep It Clean
How division inspectors make environmental inspections on oil and gas leases. 14 minutes.
Just One Mistake
Review of oil and gas field safety practices at drilling rigs and wellsites. Developed for division engineers. 10 minutes.
Oil and Gas in California
Introduction to oil and gas in California, from formation and extraction to refining and distribution. Prepared for grades 4 through 8. Based on Oil and Gas in California, (TR34). 10 minutes.
A Geysers Album
History of The Geysers Geothermal field. 8 minutes.
Before The Drilling Begins
The environmental permitting process and well site engineering practices used at The Geysers Geothermal field. 12 minutes.



Title / Description
Contour maps, cross sections, and data sheets for all the state's oil and gas fields.
Publications TR-10, TR-11, and TR-12 are in electronic format and are available for download by clicking here.
California Digital Map Data
The following statewide data layers are included in both MapInfo and ArcView formats: oil, gas and geothermal well locations as of 02/14/03; section, township and range lines; oil- and gas-field productive limits; oil- and gas-field administrative boundaries; division district boundaries; and county outlines. NOT FOR SALE AT THIS TIME.
CD - 3 California Division of Oil & Gas Summary of Operators and Annual Reports, 1915-1999
Contains 4 CD's, PDF format.