Construction Site Plan Review Program

The Department of Conservation’s Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) is responsible for implementing Section 3208.1 of the Public Resources Code (PRC). As a result, DOGGR developed the Construction Site Well Review Program to assist local permitting agencies in identifying and reviewing the status of oil or gas wells located near or beneath proposed structures.

Before issuing building or grading permits, local permitting agencies review and implement DOGGR's pre-construction well requirements. Interaction between local permitting agencies and DOGGR helps resolve land-use issues and allows for responsible development in oil and gas fields. 

For details on DOGGR's construction site well review program, please contact the local DOGGR district office.​

Districts Map

District Contacts

Email Southern District
Chris McCullough
(562) 637-4400

Email Coastal District
Pat Abel or Justin LaForge
(805) 937-7246

Email Inland District
Rohit Sharma
(661) 334-3665

Email Northern District
Charlene Wardlow
(916) 324-7120