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WellSTAR is the Well Statewide Tracking and Reporting System. It is a comprehensive electronic database under ongoing development to better handle data collection and analysis, streamline operations and processes, and adhere to requirements in Oil and Gas Production: Water Use: Reporting, Senate Bill 1281 (2014) and Oil and Gas: Well Stimulation, Senate Bill 4 (2013), as well as other state and federal laws. 

WellSTAR is one of several objectives in the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources' Renewal Plan to strengthen and improve the state’s oversight of oil and gas production in California while ensuring public safety and environmental protections.

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WellSTAR is a dynamic application. It allows oil and gas operators to submit required information in a standardized format and it automatically populates repeatable data. In spring 2019, documentation of well stimulation treatment, underground gas storage data, and underground injection control EPA reports became operational.

Prior versions of WellSTAR enabled reporting functions related to compliance, incidents, complaints, construction site well reviews, e-permitting, production reporting, underground injection control data, and facility management.

An integral component of WellSTAR is the Well Finder application which enables a user to search for individual wells. Well Finder also presents maps and other information about oil and gas wells and their associated facilities throughout California. An operator can search by address, oil and gas field names, latitude/longitude, unique well number (also known as “API”) or Public Land Survey System (PLSS) section/township/range.

Future functionality to WellSTAR will make most well operational data and documents available (with the exception of confidential wells and information precluded for legal reasons) to the public. Public users will also have the option of submitting a complaint about a well operation.

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