Permitting, Forms, and Compliance

Focused on public safety and environmental protection, the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) administers regulations and procedures pertaining to all oil and gas wells on public and private land and offshore within three nautical miles of the California coastline. Operators must obtain permits for a variety of activities, including drilling, reworking, and permanently sealing and closing–also known as plugging and abandoning–wells. Production wells, and injection wells for enhanced recovery, disposal, and natural gas storage are some kinds of wells. 

Requirements and Forms

Well Permit Information

Other Operational Requirements

Well Maintenance Reporting


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California law and DOGGR regulations aim to prevent harm to people and the environment. To fulfill that, many of the regulations have been or are being updated and expanded to strengthen operational safety. Additionally, there are Memoranda of Understanding/Agreements between DOGGR and various state and local agencies to define each entity’s authority and responsibility with the respect to the laws, regulations, and DOGGR programs.

Laws and Regulations
NEW (2018) Requirements for California Underground Gas Storage Projects
NEW (2018) Requirements for Oil and Gas Pipelines
Active Rulemaking
Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement (MOUs/MOAs)