Water Use Data and Reports (SB 1281)

Public Resources Code Section 3227 requires operators of oil and gas wells in the state to file quarterly reports on all water produced, injected, and used within oil fields with the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR). Reports are to be filed with DOGGR by the last day of each month, following the quarterly reporting period. To aid the public’s understanding of water produced and used in California oil fields, DOGGR has provided a link to its data files, zipped into both csv and txt formats, and a summary report for each quarter starting with the first quarter of 2015.

The downloadable files contain aggregate tables of all data accepted by DOGGR as of the summary report date, minus information held confidential under Public Resources Code Section 3234. This data has not been validated for accuracy or consistency with monthly reports filed by oil and gas operators; the data is posted as received from operators.

The file name of each csv and text file corresponds to a spreadsheet form used to report quarterly water production, injection, well volume allocation, and stored and non-injection water. Each file can be imported into Microsoft Excel, Access, or any database capable of handling text files. In order to maintain proper data format, the files should be imported as coma delimited, and the data fields should be set to text. 

The data files are categorized as follows:

  • 110Q.csv and 110Q.txt  -  Equivalent to Form 110Q - Quarterly Water Production 
  • 110BQ.csv and 110BQ.txt  -  Equivalent to Form 110BQ - Quarterly Water Injection 
  • 110FQ.csv and 110FQ.txt  -  Equivalent to Form 110FQ - Quarterly Other Water Allocation

Latest Usage Reports and Data Files

Previous Usage Reports and Data Files