What's New

  •  Pursuant to Section 3108 of the Public Resources Code, DOGGR is posting the following three tables from the 2007 Annual Report of the State Oil and Gas Supervisor showing:

    1. The amount of oil and gas produced by county for 2007.
    2. The Division’s financial statement for the previous fiscal year.
    3. The amount of delinquent and uncollected assessments.

  • The 2007 Annual Report of the State Oil and Gas Supervisor will be available online in the near future.

  • DOGGR Announces New Assessment Rate
    (Posted June 9, 2008)
    The assessment rate for oil and gas produced in California has been set at $0.0790758 for fiscal year 2008/09. The assessment goes to support DOGGR. For more information on the Assessment Process, click here.
  • DOGGR Announces District 2 (Ventura) Well Records Available Online
    (Posted March 18, 2008)
    Oil and gas records are now available online at the DOGGR's Online Well Record Search web application. Most of the well records (including logs) have been scanned and are available by clicking here.
  • DOGGR Issues Two Notices to Operators
    (Posted January 18, 2008)
    Two Notices to Operators were issued in January 2008. The first Notice, issued January 17, deals with requesting confidential status for new wells. Click here to view/download the Notice, and view the sample letter requesting confidential status. The second Notice, issued January 18, deals with Underground Injection Control (UIC) Project data. Click here to view/download.
  • DOGGR 2008 Calendar Now Available
    Posted November 1, 2007)
    The 2008 DOGGR calendar has been created by the Division and is available to the public for free. This calendar is one component of the Division’s outreach program. Copies are available at DOGGR headquarters or any division office.
    Click here to view/download.