For Operators - WST Guidelines

**Compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) must be documented if your project requires a discretionary permit or approval from the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR).

Well Stimulation Checklist

The chronological checklist below can be used to help ensure that regulatory requirements are being met before, during, and after a well stimulation. Follow the steps below for the sequence from start to finish for conducting Well Stimulation Treatment.

Well stimulation does not include routine well cleanout work or well maintenance that does not exceed formation fracture gradient and does not involve emplacing acid in a well that is a fluid volume less than the Acid Volume Threshold (AVT). Any questions about whether a well treatment qualifies as well stimulation should be directed to DOGGR before commencing treatment.

Well stimulation treatments shall not commence without a valid permit approved by DOGGR, including compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and until the State Water Resources Control Board or the Regional Water Quality Control Board has provided written approval that the treatment is covered under Water Code section 10783.

All references to code sections in this checklist are references to California Code of Regulations, title 14, unless otherwise specified.

Note: For instructions on submitting documents, see the Submitting Documents section near the bottom of this page.

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Document Submission

Documents must be submitted in electronic format via an online drop-box using the approved forms provided by DOGGR. Upon request, each operator will be sent an email with a personal drop-box link and password. Please request access to DOGGR's account by sending an email to

Box Instructions (PDF)

DOGGR is issuing the following notice directing operators to submit well maintenance activity related reports to DOGGR Headquarters for review and processing:

NTO 2019-03: Submittal Requirements for the Well Maintenance Form (OG179)


Notifications must be emailed to the correct district with the appropriate subject line as follows:

  • 72-hour Notification
    • Format: 72_[API]_[Permit #]_[Field Name]
    • Example: 72_12345678_ P123-4567_South Forty
  • Updated WST Wellbore Information
    • Format: Wellbore_Update_[API]_[Permit #]_[Field Name]
    • Example: Wellbore_Update_12345678_P123-4567_South Forty
  • Cement Evaluation
    • Format: CET_[API]_[Permit #]_[Field Name]
    • Example: CET_12345678_ P123-4567_South Forty
  • Well-Integrity Pressure Test Chart (Casing)
    • Format: CIT_[API]_[Permit #]_[Field Name]
    • Example: CIT_12345678_ P123-4567_South Forty
  • 24-hour Well-Integrity Pressure Test Witness Notice (Casing)
    • Format: 24_CIT_[API]_[Permit #]_[Field Name]
    • Example: 24_CIT_12345678_ P123-4567_South Forty
  • 24-hour Tubing-Integrity Pressure Test Witness Notice
    • Format: 24_TBG_[API]_[Permit #]_[Field Name]
    • Example: 24_TBG_12345678_ P123-4567_South Forty
  • 24-hour Surface-Equipment Pressure Test Witness Notice
    • Format: 24_SURF_[API]_[Permit #]_[Field Name]
    • Example: 24_SURF_12345678_ P123-4567_South Forty
  • 3-15-hour Witness Notice
    • Format: 3_WIT_[API]_[Permit #]_[Field Name]
    • Example: 3_WIT_12345678_ P123-4567_South Forty

Send email to the appropriate district as follows:

Neighbor Notifications (Declaration of Notification)

Neighbor notification documentation must be emailed with the appropriate subject line as follows:

  • Declaration of Notification (when blue tabs are used)
    • Format: Declaration_[District]_[Field Name]_[Operator Name]_[Date of Submission]
    • Example: Declaration_4_South Forty_BigTimeOilCompany_07012015
  • Statement of No Neighbors Identified (when green tabs are used)
    • Format: NoNeighbor_[District]_[Field Name]_[Operator Name]_[Date of Submission]
    • Example: NoNeighbor_4_South Forty_BigTimeOilCompany_07012015

Declaration of Notification forms and associated required documents from 3rd parties must be emailed to:

Emergency Notifications

For emergency notifications, call the DOGGR district office for the well in question.