For Operators - Well Stimulation


As of April 29, 2019, the following forms must now be submitted through the WellSTAR electronic database:

All remaining well stimulation treatment (WST)-related forms, shown below, shall be submitted in electronic format via email to the appropriate DOGGR district or Sacramento headquarters:

Well Stimulation Process Guidelines

Well stimulation treatments shall not begin without a valid permit approved by DOGGR and compliance with all regulatory requirements administered by other federal, State, tribal, or local agencies.

Please use the following guidelines to navigate the WST permit process. All code sections refer to California Code of Regulations, Title 14, unless otherwise specified.

Select a topic to view guidelines for each step in the WST process:

Well Maintenance

Well stimulation does not include routine work that does not exceed the formation fracture gradient and does not involve emplacing acid in the well at a fluid volume greater than the Acid Volume Threshold (AVT). Any questions about whether a well maintenance treatment qualifies as well stimulation should be directed to DOGGR before commencing.

For additional information regarding well maintenance, please visit Well Maintenance and Cleanout History.