Division of Mine Reclamation

​In 1991, the Division of Mine Reclamation (DMR) was created to provide a measure of oversight for local governments as they administer the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA) within their respective jurisdictions.  While the primary focus is on existing mining operations and the return of those mined lands to a usable and safe condition, issues relating to abandoned legacy mines are addressed through the Abandoned Mine Lands Unit.

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Lead Agency Review and AssistanceLead Agency Review and AssistanceThe Department of Conservation's Division of Mine Reclamation is pleased to announce the Lead Agency Review and Assistance (LARA) program.
Inspection Training ​​​​WorkshopsInspection Training ​​​​WorkshopsTo register for one of the workshops please visit the registration page. Current Schedule (Dates and locations subject to change).
Abandoned Mine Lands UnitAbandoned Mine Lands UnitThe Abandoned Mine Lands Unit (AMLU) was created in 1997 to identify and address the safety and environmental contamination hazards from legacy abandoned mines.



2018 Mine Inspector Training SuccessIn its inaugural year, our new statewide mine inspector training program successfully certified 134 inspectors; 42 of 96 local lead agencies in the state have at least one certified inspector. More training is slated in 2019, get the full schedule details here.https://www.conservation.ca.gov/dmr/workshops/Pages/current_schedule.aspx, 2018 Mine Inspector Training Success2018-12-03T22:00:00Z
"Guidance Document for Surface Mine Inspectors" Rulemaking Approved Effective April 1, 2018, this rulemaking adds section 3504.6 to the California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Division 2, Chapter 8, Subchapter 1, Article 1. Please visit our Rulemaking webpage. https://www.conservation.ca.gov/dmr/lawsandregulations/Pages/Rulemaking.aspx, https://authoring-stage.consrv.ca.gov/dmr/lawsandregulations/Pages/Rulemaking.aspx2018-04-01T20:00:00Z
Report to the California Legislature on the Activities of Lead Agencies and Surface Mining OperationsAs a result of Senate Bill 447 (LARA), the DMR is required to submit a report to the California Legislature on the activities of lead agencies and surface mining operations. Please visit our Rulemaking page. https://www.conservation.ca.gov/dmr/lawsandregulations/Pages/Rulemaking.aspx, https://authoring-stage.consrv.ca.gov/dmr/lawsandregulations/Pages/Rulemaking.aspx2017-09-29T07:00:00Z
Rulemaking Changes to the Guidance Document for Surface Mine Inspectors The Department of Conservation is undertaking rulemaking efforts related to the passage Senate Bill 209(Pavely) and Assembly Bill 1142 (Gray). Please visit DMR's Rulemaking webpage. https://www.conservation.ca.gov/dmr/lawsandregulations/Pages/Rulemaking.aspx, https://authoring-stage.consrv.ca.gov/dmr/lawsandregulations/Pages/Rulemaking.aspx2017-07-14T08:00:00Z
Financial Assurance Cost Estimate Form (FACE-1)Financial Assurance Cost Estimate Form (FACE-1) The DMR is excited to announce the release of the Financial Assurance Cost Estimate form (FACE-1). Please visit the Forms page for more information. https://www.conservation.ca.gov/dmr/SMARA Mines/Pages/quarterly_reports.aspx, https://authoring-stage.consrv.ca.gov/dmr/SMARA Mines/Pages/quarterly_reports.aspx2017-07-03T20:00:00Z



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