DMR Reclamation Awards

Nomination Guidelines

The Division of Mine Reclamation (DMR) is sponsoring an awards program to recognize excellence in the planning and implementation of mine reclamation in California.  Each award will be presented to the person identified as the "mine operator" or their representative.  

Winners of the awards will be featured in our SMARA Update newsletters, featured on our website, and receive the award from the Department of Conservation Director, David Bunn. 

Announcements of award winners will also be forwarded to local newspapers and industry organizations.  Mining companies and their employees, regulatory authorities, and members of the general public may nominate a reclamation plan or reclamation project for an award. Mail the completed nomination form along with photos and any other supplemental documents to:

Division of Mine Reclamation
Reclamation Awards Program
801 K Street, MS 09-06
Sacramento, CA 95814

Or, email

Nominations must be received by DMR by July 31, 2013.  Materials submitted will not be returned.

Award for Excellence in Reclamation

The Excellence in Reclamation Award will be sponsored by DMR to recognize excellence in reclamation implementation.  DMR and a panel of judges will select from the projects nominated, that which best meets some or all of the following criteria:

The reclamation plan has been approved by the SMARA lead agency within the last 15 years.  If the plan includes federal lands, it must also have been approved by the appropriate federal agency. 

  1. Reclamation must have been initiated on more than one acre within the last five (5) years to be eligible. 
  2. Extent to which the project meets and exceeds regulatory requirements with minimal oversight.
  3. Extent to which reclamation practices employed best management practices to reduce and minigate the environmental impacts of mining, prevent erosion and maintain water quality.
  4. Extent to which the reclamation practices establish native plant communities and creates wildlife habitat.
  5. Extent to which reclamation has effectively converted (or will effectively convert) the land to some beneficial end use after the completion of mining.
  6. Innovative techniques or studies carried out to advance the science of mine reclamation and environmental restoration.
  7. Degree to which the public has been involved in the project or will benefit from the end use of the reclaimed project site.
  8. Any other outstanding achievements that make this reclamation project special.
  9. The mine must be in good standing with no recorded violations.