AB 3098 List

AB 3098 List

The Division of Mine Reclamation periodically publishes a list of mines regulated under SMARA that meet provisions set forth under California’s Public Resources Code, Section 2717(b).  This list is generally referred to as the AB 3098 List, in reference to the 1992 legislation, that established it.  Sections 10295.5 and 20676 of the Public Contract Code preclude  mining operations that are not on the AB 3098 List from selling sand, gravel, aggregates or other mined materials to state or local agencies.

   Current Listing of the AB 3098 List

For the Division of Mine Reclamation to place a mining operation on the AB 3098 List, the operation must meet all of the following conditions:
  • The operation has an approved reclamation plan;

  • The operation has an approved financial assurance;

  • The operation has filed its annual report;

  • The operation has paid its reporting fee;

  • The operation has had its annual inspection by the lead agency which reflects the operation is in full compliance with the law.

The operation may be on the AB 3098 List if it has a pending appeal with the State Mining and Geology Board regarding its reclamation plan or financial assurance, provided its appeal has not been pending for more than 180 days.

The AB 3098 List is updated on a daily basis. Mines can become eligible between publications of this list, so always contact DMR for the most current information.

If you represent a mining operation and believe you have been excluded from this list inappropriately, please contact the Division of Mine Reclamation immediately at (916) 323-9198.


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