California Watershed Management Policy History

Major initiatives in California over the last 15 years have been undertaken to foster a cohesive policy for statewide application of watershed management actions by the State.  There is wide acceptance among these efforts that watersheds are appropriate and often preferred as an organizing unit for natural resource management.  Most of the policy initiatives listed were carried out in recognition of or in concert with one another, and as a whole make up the major policy framework for conducting state supported watershed management within California.

Links to Documents/Reports

Work of the California Watershed Council (2003-2006) CWC Archive

MOU Between CalEPA and Resources Agency for the Watersheds, Clean Beaches and Water Quality Act (2003)

California Watershed Management Strategic Plan (2003)

Final Report of the Task Force - Addressing the Need to Protect California's Watersheds: Working in Partnerships (2002) (2.9 MB)

CalFed Watershed Program Memorandum of Understanding (2001)

State Water Resources Control Board Watershed Management Initiative (2001)

California Watershed Management Forums Final Report (2000)

CBC Best Funding Practices Summary

CBC Watershed Management Principles

Lessons Learned

Summary of Previous Studies

Legislation & Voter Initiatives

Full Text of Wayne Bill (AB2117)

Proposition 13 - Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, Watershed Protection, and Flood Protection Bond Act

Prop 50 (2002): Water Quality, Supply & Safe Drinking Water Projects, Coastal Wetlands Purchase and Protection

California Watershed Protection and Restoration Act (AB 1405) (2003)

Watersheds, Clean Beaches & Water Quality Act (AB 2534)