Local Review to Improve Quality

Public review is an important aspect of both initial map compilation and biennial map updating. When new data is released, map reviewers (see list below) are notified of their availability.  GIS data, paper maps, or enlargements are provided upon request to reviewers interested in particular locations. The maps are reviewed at the local level for accuracy of land use classification and delineation. City and county planning departments also have the option to provide information on Land Committed to Nonagricultural Use as additional map and statistical data. The FMMP staff use the information received from reviewers to identify areas which may be undergoing land use conversion during the next mapping cycle.

The FMMP actively seeks and welcomes public review comments since they increase the accuracy of the maps and also indicate how maps are used at the local level.  Thank you in advance for contacting us  with your comments!

Map Reviewer List

  • County Planning Department
  • Incorporated City Planning Departments
  • Agricultural Commissioner's Office
  • NRCS District Conservationists
  • Resource Conservation Districts
  • Farm Bureau
  • Cattlemen's Association
  • Land Trusts
  • U. C. Cooperative Extension, Farm Advisor
  • Irrigation or Water Districts