Reports and Statistics

Important Farmland Data

FMMP releases data in a number of non-graphical formats to meet the varied needs of users.  Most information is available on this website and can be found via the search for data page or below.  For hardcopy information please contact us.

  • Farmland Conversion Reports are FMMP's primary summary documents associated with each map update.  Statewide, regional and county land use conversion information covers two-year periods.  Summary and Analysis includes comparisons to prior two-year periods. Available reports include:


Report Year
Acres Compared in Analysis (million)PDF VersionPrint Version
49.1 yes web only
yesweb only
2006-200849.1 yesweb only
2004-200646.1 yesweb only
2002-200445.9 yesyes
2000-200245.9 yesyes
1998-200044.5 yesyes
1996-9844.1 yesyes
1994-9642.8 yesyes
1992-9442.8 yesyes
1986-8833.3noout of print


  • Farmland Conversion Tables document land use conversion in two-year increments. The tables contain identical information to those in the Farmland Conversion Reports, but are more easily downloaded and imported for further analysis. (XLS)
  • Summary Data, 1984 to present: Provides an overview of land use conversion trends, by county, with tables reporting the acreages in each category by update cycle, total change since mapping was initiated, and annual average change. (XLS)
  • Field Reports describe what the analysts found during the map updating process, and describe which source materials were used. (PDF) 

Background Documentation

A number of publications that provide further background material are available in PDF format: