1996-1998 Farmland Conversion Report

Urbanization increased 25% over the previous two-year period.

Representing more than two years of data gathering and analysis, the 1996-1998 Report is the most detailed yet. Improved graphics have made this report larger than previous versions, therefore the PDF format document has been split into sections to facilitate downloads. Report published in the summer of 2000. 

Paper copies are also available by contacting FMMP.

Entire Report (7.6 MB) in one document, or split to reduce file size:

Executive Summary (330 kb)

Chapter One (330 kb)
Introduction and changes to mapping in 1998

Chapter Two (4.4 mb)
Summary and Analysis of the data

Appendix A (809 kb)
County Conversion Tables
Note: tables in Excel 97 are also available.

Appendices B and C (112 kb)
Regional Acreage and Conversion Tables
Farmland of Local Importance definitions

Report Cover Image: A color infrared photo (left) and Important Farmland Map (right) in Stockton, California.