Ground Motion Interpolator (2008)
(180-1050 m/sec)
Return Period:
Spectral Acceleration:
Information and Disclaimer

Ground Motion values were interpolated from a grid (0.05 degree spacing) of values calculated using the 2008 PSHA model. Interpolated ground motion may not equal values calculated for a specific site, therefore these values are not intended for design or analysis.

More Information can be found on the map at: Earthquake Shaking Potential for California, Map Sheet 48.
More detailed information can be found at the following page: CGS's Seismic Shaking Hazards Assessment page.

General Information about probabilistic earthquake hazards can be found at: Earthquake Hazards 101

Bilinear interpolation is used on a grid (0.05 degree spacing) of precalculated ground motions. Gridded hazard map data for the U.S. can be found here.

The colored background map is the Probabilistic Seismic Hazards Map for Peak Ground Acceleration (2% in 50 years) with soil conditions incoorperated.

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