Processed Data from the Gilroy Array and Coyote Creek Records, Coyote Lake, California, Earthquake 6 August 1979

PR 24

by A.G. Brady, P.N. Mork, V. Perez and L.D. Porter

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This report contains plots of the results of completed processing performed on the six close-in records obtained from the Coyote Lake earthquake of 6 August 1979. Additional copies may be obtained from the Open-File Services Section, Branch of Distribution, USGS, Box 25425, Federal Center, Denver, Colorado 80225. Digital data corresponding to the plots of the analysis sections 1, 2, and 3 (uncorrected data, corrected data, and response spectra, respectively) may be obtained on magnetic tape from the Environmental Data and Information Service, NOAA, Mail Stop D62, Boulder, Colorado 80302.