Processed CSMIP Strong-Motion Data from the Northridge California Earthquake of 17 January 1994: Release No. 2

OSMS 94-08

by R. Darragh, T. Cao, M. Huang and A. Shakal

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The digitized and processed records obtained from 5 CSMIP stations during the Northridge earthquake of January 17, 1994 are included in this second release. Four of these stations are in Los Angeles and one is north of the epicentral area. They range in distance from 23 to 41 km (epicentral). The stations are :

• Los Angeles - Hollywood Storage Bldg. Grounds        Sta. # 24303, 23 km
• Los Angeles - Baldwin Hills        Sta. # 24157, 28 km
• Los Angeles - Obregon Park        Sta. # 24400, 39 km
• Los Angeles - 116th St. School        Sta. # 14403, 41 km
• Castaic - Old Ridge Route        Sta. # 24278, 41 km

Strong-motion records were recovered from 193 CSMIP stations following the Northridge earthquake. The accelerograms, information on the earthquake and recording stations are presented in the CSMIP data report on this earthquake (Shakal and others, 1994). The results of digitizing and processing for the first release of 5 records were announced on February 4, 1994 and were included in the first release report (Darragh and others, 1994). Details on accelerogram digitizing and processing will be presented in a forthcoming final CSMIP processed data report.