Processed CSMIP Strong-Motion Records from the Landers, California Earthquake of 28 June 1992: Release No. 2

OSMS 92-13

by R. Darragh, T. Cao, C. Cramer, F. Su, M. Huang and A. Shakal

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Strong-motion records were recovered from 144 stations of the California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (CSMIP) following the Landers earthquake of June 28, 1992. The records from these 144 stations are presented in the CSMIP data report on the earthquake (Shakal and others, 1992). Digitization and processing of the records recovered by CSMIP started after the data report was completed and is continuing. The preliminary results of digitizing and processing for the first release of 6 records were announced on October 9, 1992 and were included in the first release report (CSMIP, 1992). The second release of 8 stations, including 6 ground-response and 2 instrumented buildings, has been completed and the results are presented in this report. The plots for these records are arranged as follows:

o  Ground-Response Stations:
       1. Amboy
       2. Baker - Fire Station
       3. Hemet - Stetson Ave. Fire Station
       4. Indio - Coachella Canal
       5. Silent Valley - Poppet Flat
       6. Twentynine Palms - Park Maintenance Bldg.

o  Instrumented Buildings:
       7. Pasadena - 6-story Steel/URM Bldg. (16 channels; 2 recorders)
       8. Pomona - 6-story Commercial Bldg. (12 channels; 1 recorder)