Processed CSMIP Strong-Motion Data from the Cape Mendocino/Petrolia Earthquake of April 25, 1992: Release No. 1

OSMS 92-12

by R. Darragh, T. Cao, C. Cramer, M. Huang and A. Shakal

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The strong-motion records recovered from 14 stations after the Cape Mendocino/Petrolia earthquakes of April 25 and 26, 1992 are presented in Shakal and others (1992). This report presents the digitized and processed data from 6 stations that recorded the Mw 7.0 (Ms 7.1) mainshock on April 25. This earthquake produced some of the highest accelerations ever recorded. The ground response station at Cape Mendocino station recorded a peak acceleration near 2 g. This is the largest acceleration ever recorded in California. Also, some of the highest accelerations ever recorded on a structure, 1.23 g and 1.38 g, occurred on the deck and on the ground near the west abutment of the Rio Dell freeway overpass, respectively.