CSMIP Strong-Motion Data from the South Lake Tahoe Area Earthquake of September 12, 1994

OSMS 94-19

by CSMIP Staff

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Strong-motion records are included from five CSMIP stations that recorded the local magnitude 6.1 (BRK) (MW 6.3; NEIC) earthquake of September 12. The preliminary hypocenter is located at 38.82 N, 119.64 W with a shallow depth near 5 km (UNR). The epicenter is located near the California-Nevada border about 32 km southeast of South Lake Tahoe.

The following table summarizes the strong-motion data at these five stations, ranging in epicentral distance from 14 to 163 km. The largest horizontal acceleration recorded at a ground response site is 0.09 g in Woodfords. The ground response accelerations, though not large, are near the mean of several attenuation curves for an earthquake of this magnitude. The largest structural acceleration is 0.35 g at the crest of a small earth dam at Indian Creek Reservoir.

Processed data from Woodfords and the State Capitol in Sacramento are included in this early release. The processed acceleration, velocity and displacement, and the response spectra are shown.

Files of the processed data are on the Internet.