CSMIP Strong-Motion Data from the Offshore Eureka, California Earthquake of September 1, 1994

OSMS 94-18 


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A magnitude 6.8 (ML BRK; moment magnitude 7.2 NEIC) earthquake occurred on September 1, 1994 at 8:15 am (PDT). According to the Seismographic Stations at Berkeley and the USGS the epicenter is located approximately 145 km west of Petrolia beneath the Pacific Ocean. The strike-slip earthquake probably occurred along the Mendocino Fracture Zone.

Strong-motion records are available from 3 CSMIP stations. Processed data from 2 ground-response and one instrumented structure are included in this early release. The ground response stations are located at Cape Mendocino and Shelter Cove. (Cape Mendocino had the very high acceleration during the April 1992 earthquake.) The structure is a Caltrans bridge near Eureka. Processed acceleration, velocity and displacement (preliminary) and spectra from these 3 stations are included in this report.

The early processing and release of these data take advantage of new developments in instrumentation and communications. Files of the processed data are on the Internet.