Quick Report on CSMIP Strong-Motion Records from the April 22, 1992 Desert Hot Springs, California Earthquake

OSMS 92-03


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Accelerograms of particular interest recorded at CSMIP stations during the April 22 earthquake near Desert Hot Springs are attached. The earthquake occurred under the Little San Bernardino Mountains about 17 km east of Desert Hot Springs and 22 km northeast of Palm Springs. Caltech and the USGS have estimated the earthquake hypocenter to be at 33.96°N, 116.32°W, at 12 kilometers depth. They have estimated the magnitude as 6.1 ML. From their seismic networks, they determined that the event had a right-lateral strike-slip mechanism, on a vertical fault striking N15°W several km east of the San Andreas fault.

The map in Figure 1 shows the location of selected CSMIP stations from which records have been recovered to date. Recovery of other records is underway. Table 1 lists the epicentral distance for selected CSMIP stations in the area and, when available, preliminary peak acceleration values.