Strong-Motion Records from the Livermore Earthquakes of 24 and 26 January 1980

PR 28

by R.D. McJunkin and J.T. Ragsdale

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This report summarizes California Division of Mines and Geology (CDMG), Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (SMIP) accelerograph records recovered from the 24 and 26 January 1980 Livermore earthquakes. All CDMG accelerograph stations that were triggered by the earthquakes are listed in table I and II. These stations with their respective ground accelerations and other pertinent earthquake data are arranged in order of increasing epicentral distance in table III and IV. Response data for structures instrumented by SMIP are presented in table V and VI. All records from CDMG stations recording 0.05 g or greater ground acceleration are determined to be significant (Porter and Real, 1979; CDMG, 1979) and are reviewed in detail.

Epicentral data from the January 1980, Livermore earthquakes are provided by UC Berkeley and the USGS Menlo Park. However, the USGS operates the most concentrated seismic instrument network in proximity to the earthquake region; for this reason, USGS epicentral data are used in this report unless otherwise specified.

Earthquake records from the Livermore events will eventually be digitized and processed and made available in a CDMG special publication. Digitizing and processing of earthquake records is prioritized by demand from the user community and relative merits of records in the backlog.