CSMIP 00-04

CSMIP 00-04

"Analyses of Strong-Motion Records from a Parking Structure during the 17 January 1994 Northridge Earthquake"

by S. Hilmy, S. Werner, A. Nisar and J. Beck

March 2000, 117 pp.

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Of all modern concrete buildings that were subjected to strong shaking during the Northridge earthquake, parking structures appear to have suffered the greatest degree of damage. During the earthquake, eight parking structures at heavily used shopping malls, hospitals, and colleges either partly or completely collapsed. Four were built between 1986 and 1992, and the others were built between 1965 and 1982. Damaged or severely cracked columns, beams, and shear walls caused building inspectors to close at least 24 other parking structures in the San Fernando Valley, and in Glendale, Santa Monica and West Los Angeles. Many of the damaged parking structures will take months and millions of dollars to repair.