CSMIP 00-03

CSMIP 00-03

"Seismic Performance and Design Considerations of Long Span Suspension Bridges"

by W.D. Liu, A. Kartoum, K. Chang and R. Imbsen

February 2000, 132 pp.

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The most significant impact of recent earthquakes in California is the damages incurred in the transportation structures. The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in Northern California was probably the first instance that a major long span bridge, i.e., the East Bay Crossing of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, was damaged by an earthquake. Recognizing the significant economical and social impact of such major structures, Governor Deukmejian's Board of Inquiry recommended that "all transportation structures be seismically safe and important transportation structures maintain their function after earthquake." In other words, for important structures, not only collapse failure must be prevented, but also that the extent of damage due to an earthquake must be limited and the function of the bridge must be restored quickly.