CSMIP 00-02

CSMIP 00-02

"Quantifying the Effect of Soil-Structure Interaction for Use in Building Design"

by C. Poland, J. Soulages, J. Sun and L. Mejia

February 2000, 99 pp.

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This research investigates the effects of soil-structure interaction (SSI) for regular buildings, validate current analysis techniques, and investigate the degree to which SSI contributes to the code based R factor for a variety of building and soil conditions. The research includes the analysis of strong-motion records for 11 CSMIP building/free field pairs to investigate the reduction in building response due to soil-structure interaction. The research also includes SSI analyses using the FLUSH computer program for four CSMIP buildings sites, comparison of recorded with model response, and comparison of the predicted base shear reduction using FLUSH and ATC 3-06 to the actual reduction recorded.