California’s Non-Fuel Mineral Production

California Non-fuel Mineral Production 2017. Click/tap to view larger image in a new window. The California Geological Survey provides an annual summary of the state’s mineral production exclusive of oil, gas, geothermal, and coal. The summary provides information on non-fuel mineral production, mining events, new permitting, exploration, and mining legislation. To provide information in a timely manner, preliminary production estimates are given. Final production data for California’s 2017 Non-Fuel Mineral Production will be available in the 2019 summary.

California Non-Fuel Mineral Production 2017 - California ranked fifth among the states in non-fuel mineral production, accounting for approximately 4.7% of the United States total. There were 1,042 active mines in the state, and of those, 663 reported the production of non-fuel minerals during 2017. The total market value of production was $3.6 billion. In terms of value, the top three non-fuel minerals produced in 2017 were construction sand and gravel, portland cement, and crushed stone.

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