Geothermal Production and Injection Data Guide

GeoSteam allows the viewing of monthly production and injection. The information is viewed by individual well. The information can be printed or exported into an Excel spreadsheet. It may also be copied and pasted to a program of your choice. NO INFORMATION ON CONFIDENTIAL WELLS IS AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE. Unless drilled with public funds, wells on active federal leases are confidential and remain confidential until the lease is no longer active, or the operator voluntarily releases these records. Some low-temperature wells are exempt from submitting production and injection data.

The first screen is the selection criteria that are used to find wells. After selecting a district, wells can be found based on the County, Field, or Operator names, API number, or the Section, Township, and Range location. Selecting one of these criteria will bring up an alphabetical listing. Scroll down to your County, Field or Operator of interest, make a selection, then use the buttons that appear to the left to make further selections. Use the Get Wells button to locate individual wells.

Get Wells Screen

Help with Geothermal Online Production and Injection-Get Wells 

From this screen, the individual wells for your selection criteria are displayed. To view the monthly reports, click on the API number for the well you want. The listing can be sorted by clicking on the column name. EXAMPLE: To sort by lease name, click on the Lease heading.

Other columns that need explanation include:

Mineral Rights: federal (F), private (P), state (S)

Well Type: ​The well type, or type of activity for that well. Commercial or non-commercial low-temperature (CLT, NLT), exploratory low-temperature (ELT), exploratory or development steam well (EST, DST), exploratory or development high-temperature water (EWT, DWT), injection well (INJ), low temperature (LT), observation (OBS), temperature gradient well (TG), or a water source well (WS)
Well Status:The overall status of the well. It can be plugged and abandoned (ABDN), active (ACTV), deserted (DEST), idle (IDLE), lost (LOST), cancelled (CANC), proposed (PROP), suspended (SUSP), or unknown (UNKN).

Individual Well Screen


​The following codes are used in Steam Report, Water Report, and Injection Report:  

Well Status:
INJN = injecting
PROD = producing
SHTN = shut-in

Well Type:
CI = Condensate Injection well
DI = Dual purpose well (i.e., well is completed as both a production and an injection well)
LT = Low Temperature water
PI = Produced water Injection well
SI = Surface water Injection well
ST = Steam
TG = Temperature Gradient
UI = Undifferentiated Injection well
WT = High Temperature Water

Well Condition:
T = One or more production or injection tests were run during the month.
S = The well produced water and/or steam, or injected for 15 days or more during the month.
N = The well was shut-in for 15 days or more and was not tested for production or injection.

For more detailed information on how production and injection data is obtained and reported, please see Geothermal Field Data Reporting Guide.