Firmin Street Project Updates Archive

Published: September

Well Site Restoration Begun - The Patel and Rogalske well site restorations have begun. AT&T phone cable was returned to its original overhead routing. Contaminated soil and debris has been removed. Los Angeles required construction cones placed over the wells, and well excavations filled with compacted clean dirt. Beginning Wednesday, September 14, ready-mix cement trucks will begin pouring new concrete to replace slabs that were removed during well sealing operations.  Temporary street blockage will occur during concrete pours.

On Monday, September 19th, Los Angeles Department of Public Works will perform sewer line repair near 430 Firmin Street. Parking restrictions and traffic control will be in effect in the area of the repair work. Also, during the week of September 19, remaining DWP and Time Warner utilities will be returned to overhead routing, and removed property fencing will be reinstalled.

Published: August

Patel 1 Sealed - Cement sealing operations on Patel 1, located at 324 Firmin Street, began on Saturday, August 27. The final cement plug, permanently sealing the well, was placed on Tuesday, August 30. Well sealing was witnessed by representatives of the Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM, formerly DOGGR) and the Los Angeles Fire Department. The next phase of this project is restoration of the Rogalske and Patel well sites, which is expected to be completed in one to two weeks.

Published: August

Patel 1 Near Final Cleanout Depth ​- After multiple cementing operations to complete the installation of the steel surface casing (9” pipe), the Patel well cleanout operations began on August 22. As of the afternoon of August 25, the well has been cleaned out to 850 feet. If the bottom of the well is reached on Friday, August 26, cement sealing operations will begin on Saturday, August 27. Cement sealing operations are expected to take four to five days, after which the large well service equipment will move off the street.

Water Main Break on Firmin Street – The water main on Firmin Street began leaking on Thursday, August 18. Located across the street from 332 Firmin, it began pouring water through the street asphalt on Saturday, August 20. By the evening of Sunday, August 21, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power had fixed the leak and patched the asphalt. More permanent street repairs will be made once the well sealing project has been completed.

Community Meeting Wednesday Evening – A community meeting was be held on Wednesday, August 17th, at 6:00 PM, in the back parking area of the apartment building at 330 - 332 Firmin Street. Residents were briefed on the current status of the well sealing project, and had an opportunity to ask questions. Agency representatives from the State, County, and City were present.

Steel Casing Installation at Patel 1 – A new phase of the Patel 1 well sealing operation has begun. Two hundred feet of steel casing (pipe) has been installed in the well. Cementing of the casing will take place on August 16th. During cementing operations, driveway access to residences will be impacted, as the equipment will extend beyond the normal worksite area to the crest of the hill. Cementing equipment is expected to be on location for up to five hours beginning at 9:00 AM Tuesday morning. Door to door notification will be given to residents with expected driveway impact, if this schedule changes.

Published: August

Well Sealing Work to Resume at Patel 1 ​- Following an assessment of well sealing operation impacts on the community, additional mitigation protocols have been implemented. New protocols incorporated into a Community Safety Plan include better segregation of public access areas from work areas, installation of sound barriers, dust control mitigation, odor mitigation, and worksite monitoring. Copies can also be obtained from the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources onsite engineer. 

Efforts to retrieve broken pipe that was found in the Patel 1 well will resume on Friday, August 12. The work will result in noticeable noise, including the sounds of a diesel motor on the well service rig and the clanging of pipes being run in and out of the well. This operation is expected to continue for two days. Following the recovery effort, new steel casing (large diameter pipe) will be run and cemented into the well. No work will occur on Sunday unless necessary to properly secure the site. 

​Currently, well sealing operations for Patel 1 are projected to be complete by September 19. A community meeting is being planned to provide updated information about the project.

Published: August

Rogalske 10 Sealed - Efforts to seal the Rogalske 10 well, located in front of 323 Firmin Street, have been successful. The final cement plug was placed in the well on Friday, July 29. CalGEM engineers, and the Los Angeles Fire Department have confirmed the well has been properly sealed, and will no longer present a threat to the environment and the health of the community.

Work Stopped at Patel 1 - Although remediation work has begun at Patel 1, located in front of 324 Firmin Street, the work has been stopped to address concerns identified in a recent community impact assessment of the project. CalGEM, City of Los Angeles, and County of Los Angeles are aware of the disruption the remediation work has caused in the community and are assessing additional mitigation steps. CalGEM remains committed to this public benefit project, which remediates the past actions of irresponsible well operators. It is anticipated activities will restart on Wednesday, August 10.

During this pause in work, Firmin Street no parking and street closure will remain in effect, as will security and accessible shuttle service.

New Shuttle Service Phone Number – Residents can now call (818) 679-9451 to request the Firmin Street accessible shuttle service.

Published: July

Rogalske Well Sealing Operations Continue - As of Thursday, July 21, the Rogalske well has been cleaned down to 815’, more than half the anticipated depth of the well. It is now expected that filling the well with cement will begin Saturday July 23, and the final sealing of the well will occur on Monday, July 25. Assuming all goes as planned on Monday, the project will be about two days behind schedule. After the Rogalske well has been filled with cement, the well service rig will move across the street to the Patel 1 well located at 323 Firmin Street. That move is expected to occur on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

No Parking Zone Extended On Firmin Street - To accommodate the shuttle bus, and provide it sufficient room to turnaround safely on Firmin Street, the No Parking Anytime zone has been extended from the barricade to 404 Firmin. The increased No Parking zone does not affect driveway access for those homes north of the barricade. As always, any Firmin Street resident can park in the offsite parking area located at Temple and Beaudry, and use the shuttle to get home.

Published: July

Well sealing begins - On Friday, July 15, a specialty rig was placed over the top of the Rogalske well. The well hole was enlarged and cleaned out to 140 feet so that steel surface casing (pipe) could be installed, bringing the well up to modern standards. South Coast Air Quality Management District was onsite monitoring for gas and particulate emissions. While there was a slight increase in gas emissions during the cleanout, emissions did not exceed safe levels, and gas levels eventually dropped to zero. The specialty rig completed its work on Saturday evening and left the location. On Sunday, the casing was cemented in place. The larger, well service rig and attendant equipment have now been moved in place over the Rogalske well. This rig will cleanout the well to approximately 1,500 feet, which is expected to be the bottom of the well. Final cement sealing is expected to take place later this week.

Published: July

Large equipment delayed - The arrival date for a specialty well rig has changed from Thursday, July 14 to Friday, July 15. This means that Firmin Street will remain open to parking and traffic on July 14. The street will now close beginning July 15 from 336 Firmin to the end of the cul-de-sac as the rig and other equipment are positioned. On Saturday at 7:00 a.m. workers will begin cleaning out the Rogalske well and setting steel casing. As this work must be performed without stopping, it may proceed well into the evening. Sunday is anticipated to be a “no work” day. Work will resume on Monday at 7:00 a.m. when the specialty rig will be replaced with a well servicing rig to complete the clean-out and sealing of the well.

Published: July

Site preparation complete - Site preparation and preliminary excavation at the sites of the two wells are complete and temporary construction fencing is in place. To allow the larger well service rigs to work on Firmin Street, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable have relocated overhead lines. A secured parking lot at the Northwest corner of Temple and Beaudry with shuttle service will be provided to residents with parking on Firmin street. Parking passes can be obtained from the security officer at the parking lot by presenting proof of address. Residents without proof of address can obtain an ID from the security officer on Firmin Street. For further details or additional questions contact 1-800-209-3609 or

Published: June

Neighborhood Meeting Report - On Thursday night, nearly forty residents, neighbors and community leaders attended a meeting at the Edward R. Roybal Learning Center to learn about the project and plans to manage parking, garbage pickup and street access. Starting Tuesday, July 5, the cul-de-sac of Firmin Street will be closed to parking for the duration of the project. A secured lot and a shuttle are being provided to residents of Firmin Street. For further details or additional questions contact 1-800-209-3609 or

Published: June

Neighborhood Meeting - On Thursday, June 30, at 7:00 PM, a community forum will be held at the Edward R. Roybal Learning Center Multipurpose Room to inform residents of the activities, timing, and plans surrounding the sealing of two deserted oil wells located on Firmin Street, and to address any questions or concerns.


AT&T Customer Notification - On Wednesday, June 29, AT&T will relocate residential phone lines (between telephone pole and residences) in order to provide overhead clearance for equipment.  AT&T estimates outages will not exceed 30 minutes during this work. Questions or concerns about phone line relocation can be directed to Rocky Flora with AT&T at (818) 778-4053.