​​​​​ ​Roster History: 1975 to Present 

BOARD HISTORY (as excerpted from SMGB Annual Report 2009-2010)


(Correspondence addressed to specific Members should be sent directly to the Board Office.)

Member NameCurrent TermSpeciality
Sandra Potter, Chair​2015-2019​​Representative of local government with background experience in urban planning
Stephanie Landregan, Vice Chair2014-2018Landscape Architect
Brian Anderson2015-2019Mineral resource conservation, development or utilization
Janet Kappmeyer​2017-2021​Registered Geologist with background and experience in mining geology.
George Kenline2017-2021Mining Engineer with background and experience in mining in California
Negar Noushkam2016-2020​Groundwater hydrology, water quality, or rock chemistry
Zia Zafir2016-2020Registered Geologist, Geophysicist, or Civil Engineer with background and experience in seismology
​Vacant​2017-2021​Environmental protection or the study of ecosystems
​Vacant​2018-2022​Non-Specialized Public Member

(a)   Board member terms effectively terminate January 15 of the term-ending year.



Vacant, Chair
Zia Zafir, Vice-Chair
Brian Anderson

Lead Agency Standards

Vacant, Chair
Negar Noushkam, Vice-Chair
Stephanie Landregan​

Mineral Conservation and Reclamation

George Kenline, Chair
Brian Anderson, Vice-Chair
Negar Noushkam

Policy and Administration

Stephanie Landregan, Chair
Vacant, Vice-Chair​

  * Board Chair ​Potter will serve as an ex-officio member of all committees. ​