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Reporting and Compliance Unit

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The Reporting and Compliance Unit (RCU) reviews annual reports submitted by mine operations and annual inspections submitted by lead agencies. The RCU monitors mining operations for compliance with the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 (SMARA) and can take administrative action against mines that do not have lead-agency approved reclamation plans or financial assurances.

Reporting activities include:

  • Process and review Mining Operation Annual Reports (MRRC-2s) submitted by mine operators.
  • Review financial assurance mechanisms to ensure funds are available for reclamation.
  • Process Surface Mining Inspection Reports (MRRC-1s) submitted to OMR by lead agencies.
  • Notify lead agencies and operators when submitted annual or inspection reports are deficient.
  • Monitor and process operator fees.
  • Maintain statewide database.

Compliance activities include:

  • Review and evaluate data reported in operator Mining Operation Annual Reports (MRRC-2s), lead agency Surface Mining Inspection Reports (MRRC-1s), and operator financial assurance cost estimates (FACEs).
  • Perform site inspections to determine the compliance of mining operations with SMARA.
  • Investigate complaints of operator non-compliance with SMARA and illegal (unpermitted) mining activity.
  • Step in and begin compliance enforcement activity when lead agencies fail to take appropriate enforcement measures with non-compliant operations.
  • Perform inspections of mine operators seeking closure and recovery of financial assurance mechanisms to determine whether the subject mine sites been completely reclaimed in compliance with the approved reclamation plan.