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SMARA Administration Units

Reclamation Unit

The Reclamation Unit is composed of a team of professional geologists, botanists and geographic information systems specialists whose mission is to assist counties, cities, mine operators and other state and federal agencies in the cost-effective planning and implementation of mine reclamation to meet the requirements set in SMARA.  Reclamation Unit staff provide technical assistance to lead agencies through reviewing and commenting on reclamation plans, plan amendments, and associated documents.

Reporting and Compliance Unit

The Reporting and Compliance Unit is composed of a team of analysts and professional geologists that monitor and review Mining Operation Annual Reports (MRRC-2), Financial Assurance Cost Estimates, Surface Mining Inspection Reports (MRRC-1) and other documents to promote lead agency and mine operator compliance with SMARA. The Reporting and Compliance Unit investigates complaints of non-compliance and may take enforcement action when mine operations do not have a lead agency approve reclamation plan, financial assurances or fail to comply with annual reporting requirements outlined in SMARA.