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Welcome to the Office of Mine Reclamation

About Us

The Office of Mine Reclamation (OMR)

In 1991, following significant revisions to the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 (SMARA), the Office of Mine Reclamation was created to provide a measure of oversight for local governments as they administer SMARA within their respective jurisdictions.  To accomplish this goal, the Office of Mine Reclamation may provide comments to lead agencies on a mining operation’s reclamation plan and financial assurance and may initiate compliance actions that encourage SMARA compliance.  While the primary focus is on existing mining operations and the return of those mined lands to a usable and safe condition, issues relating to abandoned legacy mines are addressed through the Abandoned Mine Lands program.

Office of Mine Reclamation celebrates 25-year milestone      

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What's New

SMARA Reform Enacted

On April 18, 2016, Governor Brown signed SB 209 (Pavley) and AB 1142 (Gray) into law and thereby enacted significant changes to SMARA.  For more information please see the Department’s press release regarding this recent SMARA reform effort.

SMARA Reform Rulemaking

The Department is undertaking rulemaking efforts related to the passage of SMARA reform.  The Department, in coordination with the State Mining and Geology Board (SMGB) and stakeholders, is in the proceses of developing a mine inspection guidance document. 

Additionally, the Department is assisting the State Mining and Geology Board in rulemaking efforts related to other SMARA reform requirements.  For more information regarding the SMGB’s rulemaking efforts, please visit their website.

Mine Inspections and Inspector Training Pre-Rulemaking Workshops

The Department will be holding three pre-rulemaking workshops to discuss the development of a mine inspection guidance document.  The guidance document is required by Section 2774 of the Public Resources Code, as amended by AB 1142.  The workshops will be held will be on November 22nd, November 30th, and December 6th, 2016 in Sacramento, Santa Ana, and Redding, respectively.

For more information about the upcoming pre-rulemaking workshops please visit the Workshops page.

Lead Agency Review and Assistance Program - Review Order Established

The Office of Mine Reclamation’s Lead Agency Review and Assistance (LARA) program is pleased to present the order in which lead agencies will be reviewed. OMR thanks all the lead agencies that contributed documents to the LARA program and appreciates your interest and participation.

The goal of the LARA program is to review approximately eight to ten lead agencies per year over the next six years. Within the next 30 days, OMR will contact the first two lead agencies on the review order list.

For more information about the LARA program and to see the review order, please click here.

2015 Online Mine Operation Annual Report Pilot Program

The Department of Conservation's (Department) Office of Mine Reclamation is excited to announce the launch of online submissions for the Mining Operation Annual Reports (MRRC-2).  The Department has constructed an online reporting system which will assign a unique login code to each California Mine Identification (ID) number required to file an annual report.  For your convenience, the Department will be moving toward the online submittal of all annual reports and associated reporting fees beginning with the 2016 Reporting Year, due July 1, 2017.

If you have any questions please contact the OMR Reporting Unit by email at or by phone at (916) 323-9198.