​​​​​​​Open Job Examinations

California is part of a merit-based civil service system. To ensure individuals are selected based on their job-related qualifications, all candidates must establish eligibility by passing a classification specific job related examination before applying to open vacancies. Below is a list of current examinations and vacancies for the Department of Conservation. Numerous jobs are coming soon!

Our Engineering Employment Workshop from October 1, 2015 outlined approximately 60 vacant positions throughout the division. This includes approximately 20 positions in Bakersfield, 10 positions in Cypress and 20 positions in Sacramento.

​For additional information or questions regarding the selection process please contact the Department of Conservation Human Resources Office at (916) 322-7685.


​Associate Oil and Gas Engineer​​Continuous
​Engineering GeologistContinuous
Supervising Engineering GeologistContin​uo​us
​Research Manager I (General)Continuous
​Research Manager II (General), Research Manager III (General)Continuous
​​Seismological Instrument Technician I​​Continuous
​​Seismological Instrument Technician II​​Continuous
​Senior Oil and Gas Engineer (Specialist)​​Continuous
​​Senior Oil and Gas Engineer (Supervisor)​​Continuous
​Supervising Oil and Gas Engineer​​Continuous

Current Job Vacancies

For current job opportunities, please go the the CalHR ​website.​​​