More Ag Land Set Aside for Climate Benefits, SALC Program awards Ag Easements The Strategic Growth Council announced today nearly $34 million in grant funding to create agricultural easements and minimize greenhouse gas emissions in 19 counties.2017-12-05T08:00:00ZMore Ag Land Set Aside for Climate Benefits
State Remediating Oil Wells in Fresno Area, DOC Plugging Deserted Oil Wells in Fresno CountyState regulators have begun the process of permanently sealing six deserted wells in the Raisin City oil field southeast of Fresno to protect the public and environment. 2017-08-16T07:00:00ZState Remediating Oil Wells in Fresno Area
New Earthquake Study, Studies of 2014 Napa Earthquake Produce New InformationThe California Geological Survey contributed to a new study of the 2014 South Napa earthquake that suggests that earthquake-related deformation just below the Earth's surface can be quite different from how it is expressed at the surface.2017-07-31T07:00:00ZNew Earthquake Study
State Inspections Confirm Safety of Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility,, en EspanolFollowing months of rigorous inspection and analysis of wells at the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility state engineering and safety enforcement experts have concluded the facility is safe to operate and can reopen at a greatly reduced capacity.2017-07-19T07:00:00ZState Inspections Confirm Safety of Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility
Resource Conservation Districts Receive Grants, Grants Issued to Fund Local Projects, will provide Resource Conservation Districts with funds to help California achieve greenhouse gas reduction goals. Map included.2017-06-16T07:00:00ZResource Conservation Districts Receive Grants
Proposed Gas Storage Regulations,, has released for public review proposed regulations to further enhance the safe operation of natural gas storage facilities.2017-05-19T07:00:00ZProposed Gas Storage Regulations
SALC Ag Conservation Easement Funding Available, its third year, the cap-and-trade funded SALC Program commits millions to shielding agricultural land from development.2017-04-25T07:00:00ZSALC Ag Conservation Easement Funding Available
Aquifer Exemptions Approved, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved aquifer exemption applications for three Kern County oil fields.2017-02-10T08:00:00ZAquifer Exemptions Approved
Aliso Canyon Safety Review, regulators have completed a safety review of the Aliso Canyon storage facility.2017-01-17T08:00:00ZAliso Canyon Safety Review
New L.A. Earthquake Fault Zone Maps, California Geological Survey (CGS) has released three preliminary Earthquake Fault Zone maps that could impact future development in the greater Los Angeles area.2016-12-16T08:00:00ZNew L.A. Earthquake Fault Zone Maps
Kathryn Lyddan to head Division of Land Resource Protection, Lyddan, who has vast experience in land-use issues, joins the DOC as an assistant director.2016-12-08T08:00:00ZKathryn Lyddan to head Division of Land Resource Protection
Onsted Named Chief Science Advisor, Onsted Named Chief Science Advisor for DOCDr. Jeffrey Onsted, an expert in land-use issues and the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), has been named Chief Science Advisor for the California Department of Conservation.2016-11-21T08:00:00ZOnsted Named Chief Science Advisor
Urban Well Abatement Completed, completes project to plug downtown L.A. wells seeping gas.Urban Well Abatement Completed
Emergency Order Issued State issues emergency order to Rincon Island oil field operators.pdf, State issues emergency order to Rincon Island oil field operators.pdfDOC issued an emergency order to the operators of the Rincon Island oil production facility.Emergency Order Issued
Ag Land Set Aside for Climate Benefits$37.4%20million%20for%20ag%20easements%20planning-for%20FINAL.pdf,$37.4%20million%20for%20ag%20easements%20planning-for%20FINAL.pdfFarms and ranches are shielded from development with Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds.Ag Land Set Aside for Climate Benefits
Charlene Wardlow Named District Deputy Charlene Wardlow named new Geothermal Officer.pdf, Charlene Wardlow named new Geothermal Officer.pdfGeothermal industry veteran heads Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources' Northern District office.Charlene Wardlow Named District Deputy

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