12/04/2006 -- New Landslide Maps Show Areas Where Rain, Quakes Could Pose Danger

10/25/2006 -- Williamson Act Easement Exchange Makes Room for New Homes, Protects Ag Land in Central Valley

10/11/2006 -- Strong Motion Instrumentation Expands in Santa Rosa

10/04/2006 -- On 20th Anniversary of California's Bottle Bill, Recycling Payout Set to Increase

08/23/2006 -- Agricultural Easement Preserves Yolo County Family Farm

08/29/2006 -- Brian Leahy to Head Division of Land Resource Protection

08/08/2006 -- Solano County Farmland Gets Permanent Protection

07/20/2006 -- Conservation Easement Expands Farmland Protection Between Davis, Dixon

06/28/2006 -- Conservation Easement Preserves Agriculture, Grazing Land and Wildlife Habitat in Butte County

06/27/2006 -- Abandoned Mine Near El Dorado County School Gets a Safety Makeover

06/05/2006 -- CFCP Funding Helps Preserve Monterey County Farmland

05/15/2006 -- Californians Recycle 12.4 Billion Bottles and Cans in 2005, an All-time High

04/22/2006 -- Earth Day Festival at State Capitol Highlights Environmental Efforts

04/21/2006 -- Pilot Bar and Restaurant Recycling Program Kicks Off in Pasadena

04/17/2006 -- Three New Preliminary Seismic Hazard Zone Maps for East Bay

04/14/2006 -- Strong Motion Instrumentation Program Wins Award

04/09/2006 -- Commemorative Edition of California Geology Focuses on Big Earthquakes

04/04/2006 -- A Lot of Myths Surround Earthquake Causes, Predictions

03/28/2006 -- No Known Faults Under Sacramento, but Distant Earthquakes Could Have Effect on City

03/27/2006 -- California Agriculture Day salutes Farmers, Ranchers

03/21/2006 -- 1906 Anniversary Reminds Californians to Be Prepared

03/09/2006 -- California Earthquake Programs Have Evolved Since 1906 Big One

03/01/2006 -- Arrests in Los Angeles Recycling Fraud Ring