NR 2005-06
April 22, 2005

Contact: Ed Wilson
Mark Oldfield
Don Drysdale
(916) 323-1886


New “Recycling Starter Kit” Program
Will Help Increase Recycling Opportunities Statewide

Sacramento, CA – The California Department of Conservation will celebrate the 35th anniversary of Earth Day with the launch of a “Recycling Starter Kit” designed to increase recycling opportunities in businesses statewide. The easy-to-use kit will help businesses establish a sustainable recycling program for empty bottles and cans.

“Starting a beverage container recycling program is a great way for businesses to take an active role in conserving California’s precious natural resources,” said Mike Chrisman, Secretary for Resources. “And at four cents for containers less than 24 ounces and 8 cents for larger containers, California businesses have the opportunity to cash in on a portion of an estimated $360 million in California Refund Value that is simply thrown in the trash each year.” The waste amount is equivalent to approximately 8 billion containers.

A signature lightweight recycling bin is the kit’s centerpiece, accompanied by a variety of eye-catching recycling posters, stickers and tips on how to set up an ongoing beverage container recycling program.

Before developing the Recycling Starter Kit program, the Department conducted several beverage container recycling pilot programs throughout the state to help learn best practices in a variety of business types including bars and restaurants, office environments and gyms. As a result, three high-profile California companies including, Gold’s Gym, Gap and the Hard Rock Café, now have effective, bottle and can recycling programs that have been embraced by their employees and customers since April 2004. All three companies will receive awards from the California Department of Conservation this Earth Day for their excellence and dedication to beverage container recycling.

Businesses interested in receiving a Recycling Starter Kit can order one now by simply visiting (click on “Start a Recycling Program”).

California is one of 10 states with a beverage container-recycling program. The Department of Conservation administers the California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act. The primary goal of the act is to achieve and maintain high recycling rates for the billions of aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers sold in California each year.