NR 2004-04
February 24, 2004

Contact: Ed Wilson
Mark Oldfield
Don Drysdale
(916) 323-1886


SACRAMENTO -- As part of an ongoing effort to increase bottle and can recycling opportunities for Californians, the California Department of Conservation has partnered with various local organizations to begin or expand 19 recycling projects in the state.

Schools, colleges, parks, conservation groups, youth job programs, and local community and government entities will combine DOC grants with their own funding to step up collection and recycling of California Refund Value (CRV) bottles and cans. DOC recycling grants are paid for with unclaimed refunds of CRV beverage containers, and are awarded at no cost to the state's general fund.

More than 18.5 billion CRV bottles and cans are sold in California annually, but only about 60 percent of them are currently being recycled. That leaves nearly eight billion bottles and cans – representing about $300 million in CRV as well as energy savings and valuable raw materials – ending up in the trash instead of the recycling bin each year.

"Most of us are good recyclers at home, but we don’t always have the opportunity to be good recyclers at school, at the office or during our leisure activities,” DOC Director Darryl Young said. “These local projects will reach busy Californians at a variety of places where they are likely to consume bottles of water, cans of soda and other drinks. These grants will help make recycling not only the right thing to do, but the easy thing to do.”

The winning grant proposals were selected through a competitive scoring process from among 47 applicants. The largest grant, $158,423, will go toward the purchase, installation and servicing of 147 bear-proof collection bins for CRV bottles

and cans in Lassen Volcanic National Park. The smallest grant, $3,833, was awarded to the Palos Verdes High School Environment Club to implement a self-sustaining recycling program on campus.

The Department of Conservation awarded the following grants:

  • 22nd District Agricultural Association (San Diego County): Purchase additional recycling equipment for the Del Mar Fairgrounds. DOC grant: $10,520. Local contact: Nancy Strauss (858) 792-4298.

  • Arcata Garbage, Inc. (Humboldt County): Purchase and place recycling bins at four Arcata schools and collect, transport and recycle CRV bottles and cans. $27,306. Local contact: Ricardo Fusi (707) 882-0304.

  • Associated Students Recycling Center, California State University-Long Beach (Los Angeles County): Establish “Think Before You Throw” project to encourage people to recycle CRV beverage containers in high-traffic campus locations, make recycling available at special events on campus and raise awareness through student competitions. $11,738. Local contact: Brigette Young (562) 985-2402.

  • California State Parks Foundation (Marin County): Install new recycling bin clusters at high-traffic California state parks and beaches as part of the California State Parks Foundation’s annual Earth Day Restoration and Clean-up program. $50,000. Contact: Erika Pringsheim-Moore (925) 284-5069.

  • Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority (Contra Costa County): Establish a recycling container “bank” that will lend out recycling bins for special events in the cities of Danville, Lafayette, Orinda, San Ramon and Walnut Creek. $5,434. Local contact: Lois Cole (925) 906-1807.

  • City College of San Francisco (San Francisco County): Expand CRV beverage container recycling program on seven campuses to include offices, classrooms and at special events on main Ocean Avenue campus. $108,399. Local contact: Kelley Karandjeff (415) 239-3013.

  • City of Arvin (Kern County): Establish a curbside recycling program where none now exists. $98,724. Local contact: Enrique Ochoa (661) 854-3134.

  • City of Burbank Recycle Center (Los Angeles County): Develop a recycling corps at five local middle and high schools that will place recycling bins, collect bottles and cans and track their results. $14,498. Local contact: Hampel Kreigh (818) 238-3900.

  • City of Citrus Heights (Sacramento County): Partner with the local park district and the Sacramento Local Conservation Corps to build recycling bins and collect beverage containers in 13 city parks. $50,428. Local contact: David Wheaton (916) 727-4770.

  • City of Oxnard (Ventura County): Develop a public area recycling program for special events and large business break rooms. $69,727. Local contact: Barbara Wulf (805) 385-8012.

  • City of Selma (Fresno County): Expand the number of recycling bins in high-traffic public locations throughout Selma and create awareness through advertisements, community event booths and an art contest in schools. $16,698. Local contact: Roseann Galvan (559) 896-1064.

  • El Dorado County Environmental Management Department (El Dorado County): Implement beverage container recycling programs at El Dorado County ski resorts and South Lake Tahoe boat marinas. $111,405. Local contact: Valarie Kauffman (530) 621-6587.

  • Lassen Volcanic National Park (Shasta County): Purchase and install 147 bear-proof recycling bins. $158,423. Local contact: Nancy Nordenstein (530) 595-3303.

  • Los Angeles Conservation Corps (Los Angeles County): Provide beverage container recycling collection services at 13 college football games during the 2004 season. $69,621. Local contact: Dan Knapp (213) 747-1872.

  • Palos Verdes High School E-Club (Los Angeles County): Implement a self-sustaining recycling program at Palos Verdes High School. $3,833. Local contact: Lynn Hiel (310) 265-0850.

  • Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc. (Santa Clara County): Increase recycling at Stanford Stadium by purchasing and installing recycling bins. $78,337. Local contact: Julie Muir (650) 321-4236.

  • Sierra Conservation Project (Mono County): Develop a large-scale public recycling system to serve transit systems, biking and hiking trails and condominium associations. $65,347. Local contact: Brian Robinette (760) 914-0115.

  • Town of Truckee (Nevada County): Procure recycling receptacles for use at special events within the Town of Truckee. $5,000. Local contact: Alex Terrazas (530) 582-7700.

  • UC Irvine Facilities Management (Orange County): Increase beverage container recycling on campus by increasing the number of recycling bin clusters and time spent collecting and processing bottles and cans, and promote recycling education on campus. $32,928. Local contact: Robert Rice (949) 824-9341.

In addition to promoting the state's beverage container recycling program, the Department of Conservation administers programs to safeguard agricultural and open-space land; regulates oil, gas and geothermal wells in the state; studies and maps earthquakes, landslides and mineral resources; and ensures reclamation of land used for mining.

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