NR 2002-23
June 3, 2002

Contact: Carol Dahmen
Mark Oldfield
Don Drysdale
Ed Wilson
(916) 323-1886


SACRAMENTO -- As part of an ongoing statewide effort to maximize beverage container recycling by consumers, the state Department of Conservation has awarded $500,000 in recycling grants to various organizations.

In all, 17 projects received grants. Thirteen of the projects will increase recycling convenience through the placement of new receptacles for used aluminum, glass and plastic California Refund Value beverage containers. Four projects will help increase recycling through promotional campaigns using Department of Conservation outreach materials featuring the tag line “Recycle. It’s Good for the Bottle. It’s Good for the Can.”

More than 16 billion CRV containers are sold in California each year, and about 10 billion have been recycled each of the past two years. That leaves six billion bottles and cans – worth about $160 million in CRV– that end up in the trash instead of the recycling bin.

"In talking with Californians, we’ve learned that they’ll recycle more if it’s convenient to do so,” said Darryl Young, Director of the Department of Conservation. “That’s why we award grants to increase the number of recycling bins you’ll find at parks, fairgrounds, sporting venues and other local public attractions. Something else we’ve learned is that people need to be reminded about recycling, so grants that help spread the recycling message are very important as well.”

The winning grant proposals were selected through a competitive scoring process from among 69 applicants. The largest grant, $68,647, went to Sugar Bowl Ski Resort in Norden to purchase equipment, bins and recycling signage and to transport materials to a recycling facility. The smallest grant, $1,894, went to the 10th District Agricultural Association in Yreka to purchase recycling bins and establish a water bottle recycling program at the Siskiyou County Golden Fair.

The department's recycling grants are paid for with unclaimed refunds of California Refund Value beverage containers, and are awarded at no cost to the state's general fund.

In addition to promoting the state's beverage container recycling program, the department administers programs to safeguard agricultural and open-space land; regulates oil, gas and geothermal wells in the state; studies and maps earthquakes, landslides and mineral resources; and ensures reclamation of land used for mining.

The Department of Conservation awarded the following grants:

  • 10th District Agricultural Association, Yreka: Provide recycling bins and establish a water bottle recycling program at the Siskiyou County Golden Fair. $1,894. Contact: Rebecca Weathers (530) 842-2767.

  • 22nd District Agricultural Assocation, Del Mar: Purchase recycling containers for the Del Mar fairgrounds, with the goal of increasing recycling 5-20 percent. $23,000. Contact: Nancy Strauss (858) 792-4298.

  • Associated Students, Inc. Recycling Center at CSU-Long Beach: Promotion of and education about CRV recycling via radio advertisements, print advertisements and community outreach to CSULB community and City of Long Beach residents. $12,589. Contact: Kristen Stava (562) 985-5461.

  • City of Antioch: Implement a recycling program at the Lone Tree Golf Course in Antioch. $11,923. Contact: Julie Hass-Wajdowicz (925) 779-7097.

  • City of La Mirada: Provide sets of receptacles for trash and CRV cans and bottles at bus stops, parks and facilities within La Mirada, with local media advertising. $10,013. Contact: Steve Forester (562) 943-0131.

  • City of Ojai: Purchase CRV collection containers for nine Ojai Unified School District sites. $14,106. Contact: Heidi Whitman (805) 640-2560.

  • City of San Bernardino: Increase recycling at an under-served public facility, implement a program to collect CRV containers at this facility and redeem them at certified recycling centers. $14,935. Contact: Linda Ceballos (909) 384-5549.

  • El Dorado Irrigation District: Purchase and set up recycling containers at trailheads, campgrounds and boat ramps at Sly Park, Silver Lake, Sandy Cove, Oyster Creek and Forebay Lake in El Dorado County. $18,759. Contact: Don Pearson (530) 644-2545.

  • Keep California Beautiful: Implement a middle-school recycling program in the San Diego Unified School District, in San Bernardino County and elsewhere. $55,870. Contact: Marlene Mariani (858) 505-9936.

  • KJ Services Environmental Consulting, Whittier: Adapt DOC print, video and radio spots into Chinese as part of a multi-city educational outreach to areas with large populations of Chinese-speaking residents. $53,694. Contact: Kevin Sales (562) 693-0242.

  • Regional Waste Management Authority (JPA), Marysville: Promote CRV beverage container recycling through local curbside programs and recycling centers in Marysville, with an emphasis on the local Indo-American and Hispanic communities, using DOC outreach campaign materials. $16,771. Contact: Keith Martin (530) 634-6890.

  • Sonoma County Junior College District, Santa Rosa: Purchase and install CRV recycling bins and signage at three district campuses. $57,040. Contact: Nancy Moorhead (707) 524-1611.

  • Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, Norden: Increase beverage container recycling among guests, employees and the surrounding community by installing new CRV recycling bins and signage and providing transportation of bottles and cans to a recycling facility. $68,647. Contact: Chris Parker (530) 426-6705.

  • UC Berkeley Campus Recycling and Refuse Services: Purchase and install 50 multi-material recycling containers for the UC Berkeley campus to augment existing containers. $41,238. Contact: Lisa Bauer (510) 643-4612.

  • United Indian Health Services, Arcata: Set up recycling programs in United Indian Health Services in Humboldt and Del Norte counties. Purchase bins, storage containers and collection cart. $28,525. Contact: Heather Nicholas-Crowell (707) 826-2869.

  •  UC Davis R4 Recycling Program: Purchase a new recycling collection vehicle to keep up with increased recycling at the UC Davis campus. $62,484. Contact: Lin King (530) 752-6970.

  • West Contra Costa Integrated Waste Management Authority, San Pablo: Promote business office and public spaces recycling collection in the waste management authority’s collection area. Production and distribution of brochures and flyers to office personnel, and purchase of newspaper and theater ads using the DOC campaign materials. $8,512. Contact: Mersina Purlantov (510) 215-3104.

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