NR 2001-33
March 31, 2001

Contact: Carol Dahmen
Mark Oldfield
Don Drysdale
Ed Wilson
(916) 323-1886


SACRAMENTO -- As part of an ongoing statewide effort to maximize beverage container recycling by consumers, the state Department of Conservation has awarded $500,000 in recycling grants to various organizations.

Each of the 11 grants will help improve the state's recycling rate by increasing recycling convenience for residents of multi-family housing complexes and communities. Most of the money will be used to purchase recycling bins to collect recyclable “California Refund Value” beverage containers. More than 16 billion CRV containers are sold in California each year.

"With more than four million multi-family housing units in the state, it’s important to ensure that recycling is available to the people who live there,” said Darryl Young, Director of the Department of Conservation. “These grants were awarded with that in mind, and will help plastic, aluminum and glass beverage containers end up in the recycling bin instead of the trash can.''

The winning grant proposals were selected through a competitive scoring process from among 26 applicants. The largest grant, $139,371, went to the City of Santa Monica to expand the city’s curbside and drop-off residential recycling pilot program. The smallest grant, $2,600, went to the Granada Gardens Homeowner's Association in Northridge to construct secure beverage container collection areas adjacent to the existing trash receptacles and also to purchase recycling bins.

The department's recycling grants are paid for with unclaimed refunds of California Refund Value beverage containers, and are awarded at no cost to the state's general fund.

In addition to promoting the state's beverage container recycling program, the department administers programs to safeguard agricultural and open-space land; regulates oil, gas and geothermal wells in the state; studies and maps earthquakes, landslides and mineral resources; and ensures reclamation of land used for mining.

The Department of Conservation awarded the following grants:

  • California State University, Sacramento: Provide recycling cabinets to replace existing bins at five residence halls. $4,825. Contact: Roger Guzowski (916) 278-5801.

  • City of Burbank, Burbank Recycle Center: Large bins and individual "apartment recyclers” for 1,083 senior units for weekly collection. Will serve 1,500 residents. $15,809.00. Contact: Hope McAloon (818) 238-3900.

  • City of Napa, Public Works Department: establish recycling at multi-family complexes by purchasing 324 carts, eight side carts and purchasing 4,000 "apartment recyclers." $47,384.00. Contact: Kevin Miller (707) 257-9520.

  • City of Santa Monica: Expand the curbside and drop-off residential recycling commingled pilot program to provide 560 300-gallon bins to multi-family dwellings. $139,371.00. Contact: Laura Cronin (310) 586-6496.

  • City of Visalia: Provide collection bins and 500 "apartment recyclers” to 20 multi-family complexes in Visalia. $65,400. Contact: Tom Baffa (559) 738-3569.

  • Tulare County Consolidated Waste Management Authority: Place 23 recycling bins for collection of beverage containers and provide 3000 individual bins to residents at senior centers, assisted living facilities, and mobile-home parks in five cities throughout Tulare County. $55,902. Contact: Lori Thomas (559) 782-7516.

  • Granada Gardens Homeowner's Association (Northridge): Construct secure collection areas adjacent to existing trash receptacles and purchase recycling bins for collection of CRV containers at the Granada Gardens complex in Northridge. Will serve 70 residents. $2,600. Contact: Aliso Loehi (818) 368-1858

  • Mammoth Mountain Ski Area: Develop an employee housing recycling project to collect beverage containers at all 27 Mammoth Mountain Ski Area multi-family and dormitory style housing locations. Will serve 736 residents. $36,860. Contact: Lisa Isaacs (760) 934-2571.

  • Novato Sanitary District: Provide 55 recycling bins at eight multi-family locations in Novato, construct new recycling sites and promote the program with signage and fliers. $8,025. Contact: Dee Johnson (415) 892-1694.

  • UCLA, Facilities Management: Expand on-campus recycling program. Purchase 70 containers to place at densely populated locations throughout the campus. $46,534. Contact: Tracy Beck (310) 825-1527.

  • University of California San Diego Recycling: Expand the existing program by 20 new locations, and upgrade the current Neighborhood Collection program. Provide recycling to all 6,770 residents at UCSD. $77,290.00. Contact: Krista Henkels (858) 534-0919.

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