DOC Funding Opportunities

The Department of Conservation (DOC) offers grants and other funding programs to further California's goals toward, agricultural land conservation and watershed restoration and management. Below, you'll find an overview of each DOC grant program and links to more information. To learn about other State of California grant programs, type "grants" in the search tool at the top of this page and click on the search key.

Agricultural Land Conservation

California Farmland Conservancy Program

Through the California Farmland Conservancy Program, DOC provides agricultural conservation easement grants that are used to compensate landowners who voluntarily sell their land's development rights. The landowner maintains ownership of the property and agrees to keep it in agricultural production.  In addition to funding provided for agricultural easement acquisition, up to ten percent of the CFCP grant funds are available for projects which develop policy or planning oriented to agricultural land protection, and for improvements to land already under an agricultural conservation easement (e.g., erosion control, riparian area improvements).  Local land trusts, governments, resource conservation districts, non-profit organizations, and regional park or open-space districts that have conservation of farmland among their stated purposes are eligible to apply for CFCP grants. For more information, click here.

Resource Conservation District Assistance Program

Through the Division of Land Resource Protection, the Department of Conservation has in the past provided grants to Resource Conservation Districts for the purpose of assisting RCDs to develop a land stewardship ethic that promotes long-term sustainability of the state’s rich and diverse natural resource heritage. There are 103 RCDs in California, implementing projects on public and private lands and educating landowners and the public about resource conservation. The grant program, with $120,000 available annually in recent years, provided funding to assist RCDs in accomplishing these objectives. The grant program became inactive following grants issued in the 2002/03 Fiscal Year. For more information, click here.