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DOC Director Bridgett Luther


In 2008, the Department of Conservation continued working toward its vision of a safe, sustainable environment for all Californians, and made progress on a wide variety of initiatives. An impressive increase in beverage container recycling, exciting  abandoned mine reclamation projects, and a spike in oil prices that led to increased activity in California's oil fields were just some of the noteworthy events in which the Department played a significant role. 

Our Mission and Vision

Overview of DOC Programs

        Director Bridgett Luther

  Below, you'll find more details about DOC divisions, and their accomplishments in the past year:                                            

Division of Oil, Gas, and  Geothermal Resources Logo

Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources

DOGGR kept busy in 2008, plugging orphan wells to protect public safety and the environment, overseeing an exceptional amount of oilfield activity, and working on the new challenge of carbon sequestration. See the whole story in the DOGGR Report ~ 2008 (PDF)


Division Of Recycling Logo

Division of Recycling

Beverage container recycling continued its upward trend in California in 2008. Through the first six months of the year, bottle and can recycling volumes were on pace to set a record, and the recycling rate reached 76 percent, up from 71 percent at the same time a year earlier. Also, DOR awarded grants that will help both the environment and the economy. Get the highlights of these projects and more in the DOR Report ~ 2008 (PDF).


California Geological Survey Logo

California Geological Survey

California's complex geology, abundant mineral resources, and capacity for technological advances are all in a day's work for CGS. In the past year, CGS produced maps and reports detailing geologic hazards, important mineral resource information, and the potential for radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas. For project details and links to maps and reports, take a look at the CGS Report ~ 2008 (PDF).


Division of Land Resource Protection Logo

Division of Land Resource Protection

As the nation's leading agricultural state, the importance of protecting California's farmland, open space and waterhshed areas has never been greater.  In the last year, DLRP continued to provide grants, technical assistance and program management to help preserve the state's best farm and ranch land, and produced maps and data to allow local planners to make well-informed land use and development decisions. For more information, check out the DLRP Report ~ 2008 (PDF).


Office of Mine Reclamation Logo

Office of Mine Reclamation

California's modern mining industry is a far cry from the legacy of its famous mining history, but both the present and the past were the focus for OMR in 2008.  Between ensuring today's mines are in compliance with environmental and other regulatory standards, and helping to protect public safety through remediation of hazardous situations at old abandoned mine sites, OMR had a busy year. The highlights are available in the OMR Report ~ 2008 (PDF).